Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MAY 2011

hello everybody,

guess m really abandoning my blogs , kind of rely bz lately and cameras all packed in its own hiding comfy place.. :)
i tot this blog will be deleted but then i found out its still here.... huhu... i will slowly begin to renew all the pics in my blog ...
ok gtg now.. c ya soon... :D

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Pic

Its been 8 days now since the new year celebration , and i did manage to upload a few images. It was taken at The Empire Hotel N Country Club where we watched the fireworks which starts at 12midnight (31/12/08) and lasted about 20 mins . It was so beautiful and quite difficult thou to capture some of the fireworks pics since it's really near to the balcony. But it was fun.... and just after the blast everyone was screaming and shouting saying "Happy New Year".

Princess HJB, Me n K's Wife


Kylos, Coach and Hubi

K's sis in law, K's Wife, Summer N Me

K's Family

Back-Twix (Peace) and T posing with his chicken boxing...:)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

YEAR 2009

Happy New Year 2009 and Tahun Hijrah 1430
Wishing all my frens and families a very happy, healthy and blessing for dis new year! i do hope it will be the happiest that u've ever known and it will be a year filled with serenity with each sunrise... amin....

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

indoor swimming

Another new activity done by the kids today .. the indoor swimming.. can't get good pictures since they're moving around but i manage to took one shot but still not a good one tho...

boy, hafiz n bby eyah

Monday, December 15, 2008

more pics....hehehe

as i said before, the one who visits me almost everyday were mostly my in laws ... i really appreciate it coz they're sooo kind, helpful and i'm blessed... :) don't know wen can i repay u all back... but thank you for helping me, making my life worth, understanding and off course for sure for not making my house "sunyi" .. :) really love u all...mmwahhhh

the power love birds.. saini n isma

a.hafiz d melting one but funnee... hehe

baby eyah, d only grandaughter in the family.. so the melatings but she's cute tho.. :)

my two young and single in laws, bb n pdah really helps me lots and thank you for accompanying me almost everyday.... :)

my eldest sis in law and sh'e expecting no.2 baby due by april 09, husband azleen and as i said the first granddaughter in the family.. baby eyah...just like matilda.. hehe

new playhouse

in bed :( 2

here are updates of some of my cat's pic

3d and chiam


bulat begging for food... hehehe pitty looks

In Bed... :(

hello, i know that i have not been updating any pictures in my blog lately. So today i've decided to upload frm my gorjuice camera which i love most since i'm still in bed now although it's almost 5pm. And i found two interesting pics which was taken during hari raya time, which was ages ago.. hehehe
jamie the rock star

megat's son

and dis offcourse my baby ranger... he's in the cage now...pitty him...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Hari Raya Korban Aidil Adha
Hari Raya Korban Aidil Adha atau Hari Raya Haji merupakan perayaan yang dirayakan diseluruh dunia bagi menandakan berakhirnya tempoh mengerjakan ibadat haji di Mekah, yang merupakan rukun Islam kelima yang terakhir bagi mereka yang mampu, dan menandakan bermulanya ibadat korban untuk dibahagi-bahagikan kepada fakir miskin.
Aidiladha adalah perayaan yang istimewa kerana ia merupakan hari untuk umat Islam memperingati kisah pengorbanan Nabi Ibrahim dalam menunaikan perintah Allah dan ke-sabaran anaknya Nabi Ismail dalam memenuhi perintah Allah s.w.t.
Selain itu, salah satu keistimewaan Aidiladha dan Hari Tasyrik ialah ibadat korban. Ibadat korban ini hanya boleh dilakukan dalam empat hari iaitu bermula waktu selepas khatib menyampaikan khutbah Aidiladha sehingga sebelum tenggelam matahari pada hari ke-13 Zulhijah.
Dari segi bahasa, korban bermaksud dekat, manakala dari segi istilah ia bermaksud menjalankan perintah agama atau taat kepada perintah Allah kerana ingin mendekatkan diri kepada-Nya.
Hari Raya Korban jatuh pada hari kesepuluh pada bulan Zulhijjah, bulan terakhir pada kalender Hijrah Islam. 10 Zulhijjah merupakan tarikh penting dalam sejarah Islam di mana Nabi Adam dan isterinya Hawa dikeluarkan dari syurga dan diturunkan ke bumi sebelum berjumpa di padang Arafah, di luar bandar Mekah.
Pada hari raya, orang Islam disunatkan mengenakan pakaian yang paling cantik, paling bersih, dan juga mengenakan wangi-wangian. Pada pagi hari raya korban, umat Islam akan mengerjakan sembahyang sunat Hari Raya sebanyak 2 rakaat akan diadakan pada sebelah pagi, biasanya agak awal sedikit berbanding Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.
Selain itu, salah satu keistimewaan Aidil Adha dan Hari Tasyrik ialah ibadat korban. Ibadat korban ini hanya boleh dilakukan dalam empat hari iaitu bermula waktu selepas khatib menyampaikan khutbah Aidil Adha sehingga sebelum tenggelam matahari pada hari ke-13 Zulhijah.
Selepas bersembahyang, upacara korban akan dimulakan. Lembu, kambing, dan biri-biri yang dikorbankan akan disembelih secara beramai-ramai di kawasan masjid sebelum dibahagi-bahagikan kepada orang ramai terutamanya kepada golongan fakir miskin.
Hari Raya Aidil Adha disambut ketika umat Islam membuat penziarahan ke Mekah, mengunjung Kaabah dan melakukan korban sembelihan. Al-Quran tidak menyatakan, tetapi umat Islam memegang bahawa perayaan korban ini memperingati kesanggupan Nabi Ibrahim untuk menyerahkan anaknya sebagai korban kepada Tuhan.
Selepas sembahyang, sekali lagi umat Islam akan berbondong-bondong melawati perkuburan orang yang disayangi. Semua orang akan memakai pakaian baru dan selepas itu yang muda akan memohon kemaafan daripada yang tua. Selepas itu semua orang akan menjamah pelbagai juadah yang disediakan sebelum ziarah dan menziarahi sesama mereka.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

13th day

Today is my 13thday after my operation and doing a little bit well but of course not fully cured. One thing dat makes me happy is my family. Almost everyday visiting me here and i feel well instead of feeling down and sad. The person dat i loves most is my mom in law who really cares me much, cooks me food everyday even though she's buzy and offcourse my beloved hubi.
He looks tired to me but when i ask he usally says it's ok.. no worries, wif a smile on his face. So anyway got to go, not much to say in here but will update someother time again soon... bye .. Love ya all... mmmwahhhh

Friday, November 28, 2008

Today is the 7th day and i'm doing just fine, a little bit of pain here n there but it's ok.. i'm just feeling a little bit tired but feel happy to watch my cats thru my window . I can't hug them for now though i miss them a lot and btw guess wat my 3 gals cat they gave birth to 11 kittens... so cute... :) and now i haf 50 cats at the moment and still waiting for my winnie gal to give birth. don't worry guys i'll update pics of my cats later wen i'm ok... it feels great to haf lots of cats .. hahahaha ok then i haf to go and i'll update again when i'm feeling much much better.. ok bye....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sad day for me

Finally a little update from me..

it's just i'm having a teribble and horrible day in my life... but feeling a little bit better already and still hoping for miracles to come where there is only a little bit of hope left. Thanking to my beloved hubi who really understands me, cares for me, loves me lot , families, cuz n frens who support me in watever i'm doing in facing lots of difficulties.
At first its hard for me to understand the situation but i know life has to go on and move forward and pray to god dis will be the last one....

Monday, October 27, 2008

my open house

hai to all my frens n families, thanks for coming to my house, and sorry for it's been a long long time i didn't update my blog. maybe after the raya eve... insyallah... bule lah outing wif my frens if i haf the chance. sorry no pics were taken during my open house since i'm really bz... :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

HaRi RaYa 2005

Really missing gathering wif my 2 bestfrens.. this pic was taken raya 2005 and hopefully Zarina will be back next year to celebrate Hari Raya 2009.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

08th Oct 2008 inhouse project

my bestfren n anak's nya...
lapis tikar.. nyum nyum.. old time fav....

durian kuning roll... nyum 2

my mom in law's home made tart nenas.. lagi nyum

my home made spaghetti

most important.. the sauce... :)

Kimi Raikkonen

Felipe Massa

my bunga cucul...

Tissue box cover

Biskut buah khana

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Ferarri supporters

padang bola??

taken 28/09/08

the car was situated at the swiss'otel/the stamford shopping mall

part of the circuit, the lights are really bright

i call this the singapore eye... and i know it's not the name for that.. eheee

the audiences

the place where i stay in singapore

orchids in Hyatt, love them

day view b4 the nyte race start

taken inside the swiss'otel/the stamford 27/09/08

this is me... eheee 27/09/08

nyte view b4 the race starts... cool

taken 26/09/08

taken 26/09/08

well frens this is part of my journey to Singapore last 25/09-29/09 and i have such a great time. all the pics were taken from the 66th floor of swiss'otel/the stamford... really on the top but good view thou.... anyway Alonso won d first nyte race ever.... :) we felt disappointed for ferarri's loss since i'm wearing a ferarri t-shirt dat nyte :(

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